Compliance with COVID-19 Regulations

Compliance with COVID-19 social distancing regulations is critical to maintain a safe working environment. Current information (as of Penn Phase III, 11/10/2020) is below.

Please note that the School of Medicine takes this extremely seriously. Ultimately, compliance with these regulations is up to each individual lab member. Sadly, failure to comply with these guidelines can result in both HR consequences for the individual as well as our entire organization.

Thus: if you are not sure about the right thing to do in a specific situation, please ask.

*Please make sure your current information is accurate on this summary spreadsheet.

1. Communication re: COVID-19 Q’s.

This should all occur on the #poda_resurgence channel on slack. Please flag @DanWolf with q’s.

All team members need to complete TWO courses on Knowledge Link. PDFs certificates of completion must be sent to Stace Moore.

COVID-19 Training For Penn Essential Employees: Course UP.83015.ITEM.COVID19ESSENTIAL

Resumption of Research Training at Penn-EHRS: Course UP.83015.ITEM.ResumeResearch

When these are done and emailed to BOTH Stace and John Hyon update the summary spreadsheet.

3. Penn Open Pass

All team members who come to work need to enroll in Penn Open Pass, a daily text based symptom screening service.

When you have enrolled, please keep doing daily check in, and also update the summary spreadsheet.

4. Site log.

This is critical. All trips to work (whether at Richards or 10 Gates) need to be prospectively logged on the location-specific google doc. If you need to be in BOTH locations, then you need to sign up on BOTH calendars (not just your “home base”). The goal of this is to ensure that there is not too much occupancy at any one location. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE WORKPLACE UNLESS THIS HAS BEEN DONE.

There is a separate “tab” for each day, and separate doc for each location.

Click here for Richards PodA

Click here for 10 Gates.

5. Follow the Rules.

When at the workplace, please make sure to follow rules re: social distancing, mask wearing, and hand hygine as stipualted in the KnowledgeLink training. For Standard Operating Procedures for participant-facing roles, please see Sage’s excellent document here.