Guest Speaker Series at PennLINC

Starting in 2021, we are hosting a guest speaker series focused on bringing top trainees to the lab to present papers of particular intereset. E

Nominating speakers

Each trainee in the lab can nominate one (plus, as needed) speaker per year. The goal is to bring in speakers who have recently written papers (either published or in preprint) that are really just quite cool (broadly defined) or particularly relevant for our work. One key stipulation is that the first author must be a trainee – ideally, a graduate student or post-doc. This allows for a more detailed discussion of the work with the person who actually did the work – rather than a glossy/high level presentation from the faculty member.

The current list of nomninees is here.

Inviting Speakers

We invite speakers in 6-month blocks, with pre-specified slots in lab meeting reserved for these events– see the lab meeting schedule. When you invite them, you can share that scheudle with them and they can simply let you know which date works. There is a template invitation email [here](; please cc Ted on these invitations and subsequent correspondence.