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Participants will be reimbursed for travel (transportation and parking) expenses incurred on scan day. Payments will be made using virtual Greenphire ClinCards that may be treated as debit cards. The cards will be assigned and sent virtually to participants. Payments will be made on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Payment for virtual participation:
    • AWARE surveys: Subjects will receive $1 per survey they complete during each of the 2 weeks, with a $3 bonus for completing more than 75% of the surveys (up to $31/week.) Subjects will be paid $3 for each month of passive data collection (detailed below) for 6 months (up to $18).
    • Computerized Neurocognitive Battery (1 hour): Subjects performing cognitive testing with the standard Computerized Neurocognitive Battery (CNB) applied routinely in the Brain Behavior Laboratory will be paid $20.
    • Self-Report Measures: (1 hour): Subjects will be compensated $10 for completion of proposed surveys assessments.
    • Total compensation possible: $172 over 6 months
  • Assessments of Decision-making, Reward, Motivation, and Sociability (1 hour): $40
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (1 hour): $60

More information about payment structure and decisions can be found here!