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What Data Do We Collect?

AWARE has a number of sensors that it monitors and can collect data from passively. Not all sensors are accessible for both iOS and Android phones. We list those sensors below, including what we are currently collecting and any appropriate details:

Sensor Label Description iOS Available Android Available Do We Collect? Notes
Accelerometer Measures the acceleration applied to the sensor built-in into the device including gravity TRUE TRUE No High sample rate can quickly blow up disk space
Applications Captures every time the user changes from an application and keeps track of what is running in the background FALSE TRUE No  
AWARE Internal; checks the status of all the active addons and sensors at 5-minute intervals TRUE TRUE No  
Barometer Measures the ambient air pressure TRUE TRUE No  
Battery Monitors battery information and monitors power related events TRUE TRUE No  
Bluetooth Monitors devices connected to bluetooth TRUE TRUE No iOS & Android differ in deployment and security requirements, but outputs are simple and do not disclose usage information
Communication Monitors phone calls and text messages, logging only events, not content (non-identifying) TRUE TRUE No iOS only captures call events
ESM Experience Sampling Method (ESM) questionnaires TRUE TRUE Yes iOS and Android are deployed in separate plugins and stored in separate tables (iOS: “esm”, Android: “esms”)
Gravity Measures the force of gravity applied to the sensor TRUE TRUE No When a device is at rest, the gravity sensor should measure equally as the accelerometer.
Gyroscope Measures the rotation of the device around each axis TRUE TRUE No  
Installations Logs devices’ application installations, removal and updates TRUE TRUE No Used to leverage other sensors (e.g. routine checking if X is installed)
Light Measures the ambient light FALSE TRUE No  
Linear Accelerometer Measures the acceleration applied to the sensor built-in into the device, excluding gravity TRUE TRUE No Similar to accelerometer
Locations Provides the best location estimate for the users’ current location, automatically, using GPS or network TRUE TRUE No  
Magnetometer Measures the geomagnetic field strength around the device TRUE TRUE No  
MQTT MQTT is an OASIS standard messaging protocol for the Internet of Things TRUE TRUE No Used for broadcasting messages/configs amongst devices
Network Records network connections (mobile or WIFI) TRUE TRUE No “Network_traffic” table unmonitored
Processor Measures the mobile phone’s processor load TRUE TRUE No  
Proximity Measures the distance to an object in front of the mobile device TRUE TRUE No iOS capturing may be incorrectly represented
Rotation Measures the orientation of the device as a combination of an angle and an axis TRUE TRUE No Can be used for a wide range of motion-related tasks, such as detecting gestures, monitoring angular change, and monitoring relative orientation changes
Screen Monitors the screen statuses, such as turning on and off, locked and unlocked TRUE TRUE No  
Telephony Provides information on the mobile phone capabilities of the device TRUE TRUE No Mostly mobile data configuration and communication with cell towers
Wifi Scans known Access Points around the phone TRUE TRUE No Mostly device ID information