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  • Participants will perform self-report questionnaires, a neurocognitive battery assessment and both passive and active mobile data collection on the custom-built AWARE App.
  • After consent, participants will be asked to complete a neurocognitive battery online, as well as self-report questionnaires and a computerized adaptive clinical interview.
  • Participants will also be directed to download the AWARE app. There will be 2, 2-week periods of active survey collection 4 times per day, and passive data collection using the AWARE app for 6 months. EMA questions from the app will include questions related to mood, behavior, sleep, or other aspects pertaining to participants’ daily lives.
  • In addition to survey data, AWARE will passively collect information pertaining to accelerometer data, GPS data, phone call and text messaging meta-data.
  • A subsample of (500) participants will be brought in for imaging procedures. Imaging visits will last approximately 2-3 hours and will be conducted at Penn/CHOP.