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ModelArray is a memory-efficient R package for statistical analysis of fixel data. Its features include:

  • Easy to use: set up your statistical analysis with just several lines of codes;
  • Low memory requirement, even for large datasets;
  • Supporting linear and nonlinear modeling: At present, ModelArray supports linear models as well as generalized additive models (GAM) with and without penalized splines, which are particularly useful for studying nonlinear effects in lifespan data. ModelArray is also extensible to more models.


Please refer to webpage Installation for a full guidance of installation of ModelArray and its companion python package ConFixel. The most important steps for installing ModelArray are:

How to use

Load the ModelArray package into R via:

We provide a walkthrough here.

For documentation of ModelArray functions, you can:

Full documentation of ModelArray can be found here.

Source code of ModelArray can be found here.