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Download and Storage

Who is responsible for downloading this data?

  • Kahini Mehta

From where was the data downloaded?

Where is it currently being stored?

  • Flywheel, CUBIC(/cbica/projects/GRMPY/project/curation/BIDS)

What form is the data in upon intial download (DICOMS, NIFTIS, something else?)

  • niftis - BIDS format from Flywheel

Are you using Datalad? If so, at which point did you check the data into datalad?

  • Yes, the BIDS directory (/cbica/projects/GRMPY/project/curation/BIDS) was checked into Datalad. After removing PHI from metadata fields.

Is the data backed up in a second location? If so, please provide the path to the backup location:

  • CUBIC: /cbica/projects/GRMPY/project/backup