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T2 Recruitment

T2 Recruitment spreadsheet

Recruitment is tracked through the same google spreadsheet as T1, linked here again, on a separate sheet (again, no PHI!) The date that each participant is due for their 2nd timepoint is listed in the second column for each ppt, this is when recruiters will begin to reach out to them for their next visit

T2 Recruitment Process


“Hi, may I please speak with [proband/parent’s name]? My name is Xxxx , I am calling from the University of Pennsylvania. I am calling from the University of Pennsylvania where Xxxx participated in the first timepoint of our research MRI study. We are now calling to recruit for our second timepoint and were hoping that you would be interested in coming in! The second timepoint would involved one, 4-6 hour visit to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and we would complete many of the same activities as the first timepoint including memory and puzzle like games on the computer, self-report questionnaires, and the 1-hour MRI scan. You would be compensated $150 fro all activities and You/your child will also be reimbursed for any travel costs (transportation and parking). Does that sound like something you would be interested in?”

If they are interested, parents must complete the Fullscreen (on Oracle) and the MRI screener again to confirm their child’s eligibility.

Appointment Scheduling

  • MRI Scheduling :
    1. Navigate to the CAMRIS UPenn Calendar – ( and sign in with your Penn credentials → click “HUP 6 “FNDBAMR2” (3T PRISMA-VE11)”
    2. Because EF has Category 1 Status you may schedule 3 months out, however, you must fill in the order # from PennChart to prove you have a participant scheduled within 24 hours of reserving the slot (these are the current guidelines, subject to change – David Roalf is point person for image acquisition related questions)
    3. Navigate to Appointments Plus and review the schedule of the coordinator you would like to assign to the visit
    4. When you find a slot on HUP6 that aligns with assessor and participant availability click the open slot on CAMRIS to reserve your slot (note: the MRI slot can be done at any point within the 4-6 hour visit, however, make sure to allow yourself enough time from participants arrival for consents, MRI screener form, practice task, radiology check, pre-scan self-reports – I usually leave at least 1 hour but this is up to assessor’s discretion)
    5. Select the protocol you are scheduling for (829744)
    6. Enter “EF 32ch” in the “Title” field
    7. Click create and the box will turn green (within 24 hours of scheduling, you must go back and fill in the order #). See EPiC ordering section for details. Dogfish Note: LATE cancellations: if CAMRIS slot is not cancelled <24hrs before the appointment study will be billed $100 cancellation fee. Make sure to cancel if participant gives enough warning to cancel outside of 24 hours.

Appointment Plus Scheduling

  • Sign-in to Appointment Plus at this website:
  • Mark the correct time on the Assessor’s schedule by clicking the “+” button
  • A pop-up will appear with Appointment details – fill in BBLID, Location (HUP Main Lobby), EFR01 T2, Assessor that scheduled appointment – then click NEXT AP1
  • On the next page fill in type of assessment (MRI), pick two rooms (one for parent and child– remember to check to make sure the rooms are available), write in the notes section the time of MRI AP2
  • Click next to finalize appointment

Final Recruitment Call Reminders:

Before ending the call with the participant, remind them that you will be in touch 1-week, 2-days, and 1-day before the appointment. Ask them to save your number and reach out at least 24 hours in advance if they need to change their appointment

Update tracking

  • Make sure to log all calls on oracle - “Contact Entry”
  • Update “scheduled” status in EF Recruitment sheet on google sheets

Confirmation Email (to participant):

Thank you for volunteering for our research study! Please find information about your study visit below: Visit: Wednesday, February XXth at 8:30AM. I will meet you in the main lobby of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, located at 3400 Spruce Street. Information about parking can be found here. The visits will take around 4-5 hours. We ask that you bring their social security number to the visit, so that we can get them re-registered in our payment system. I will also be calling you 1-week and 24-hours before the visit to go through final COVID-19 screening questions. Additionally, please make sure that only one legal guardian accompanies them to the visit (no other siblings or people will be allowed in the hospital). Final reminder, that masks must be worn inside the hospital at all times. Thanks again for volunteering! If you have any questions, you can reach me by email or phone at Xxxx. Best, Xxxx Xxx