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Once a month, coordinators are responsible for performing an audit of all payments and reimbursements made using the clincard system for a particular project.

Clincard generates a report of all transactions per project automatically. On Greenphire’s website, navigate to the reports tab and select “Payments By Study,” select EF, and specify the date range.


Download the report, and sort by “Description” column, so that all subject payments are grouped together under code 5316, and all reimbursements are grouped together under code 5206. Examples of previous reports can be found here: afp://saturn/P_Cash/ClinCards Folder/Investigators/Satterthwaite_Theodore/EF_EXECUTIVE_829744-574248

Using the C2 forms from each month, account for all payments and reimbursements made in the current month, marking off in the method of your choosing. When reimbursing participants, make sure that there is a receipt for the total amount included with the form. If any form does not have a receipt but a reimbursement was already made, be sure to obtain PI signature as justification.

Note: Visits occurring at the end of the month will sometimes have payments appear in the next month’s form. If there are transactions in the report unaccounted for by the month’s C2 forms, check the previous month’s report for notes about late visits.

Once all payments are accounted for, fill out the summary report document, listing number and total dollar amount of payments and reimbursements separately. Note any abnormalities in the forms, ie: payments made in November for visits at the end of October, for which the C2 form would be included in the previous month’s report.

Obtain PI signature, scan all C2’s, and merge with report and spreadsheet into one document, and upload to Saturn.