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  1. Plan for the Data
  2. Data Acquisition
  3. Download and Storage
  4. Curation Process
  5. Image Processing Pipelines
  6. Post Processing

Note: Refaced T1 and T2 data is available at /cbica/projects/GRMPY/project/curation/BIDS_refaced/BIDS on a separate branch:

cd /cbica/projects/GRMPY/project/curation/BIDS_refaced/BIDS
git checkout refaced_data

Files will be in the format:

  1. sub-X/ses-X/anat/sub-X_ses-X_T1W_reface.nii.gz
  2. sub-X/ses-X/anat/sub-X_ses-X_T2W_reface.nii.gz