Running X11 Sessions

Sometimes you’ll want to run an application on CUBIC that requires a GUI. In order to be able to view and interact with GUIs from remote applications, you can use X11 to provide a display window.

To get started, you’ll probably need to download XQuartz (if your local machine is a Mac) or Xming (for Windows). More information on setting up - as well as detailed instructions for configuring/using Xming - can be found here. If you’re running Linux, congratulations, should already be good to go.

To start a X session on CUBIC project user:

  1. If you’re on a Mac, make sure XQuartz is installed and running. From the terminal, ssh to your account:
    $ ssh -Y yourusername@CUBIC-sattertt
  2. Log into the project user with sudox:
    $ sudox -u projectusername -i
  3. Load your application from the command line, and the GUI will open

More information on running sudox as project user on CUBIC is available here


On the Satterthwaite Lab node, you can access graphical user interfaces for apps like Afni by launching your session like:

ssh -X -Y

This has been tested only on Mac using the XQuartz utility – see here for more on XQuartz.