We have two main VPN security measures at PennLINC. One is called Big IP f5 VPN, and is used to connect to any UPHS & Penn Medicine service, including the CUBIC cluster and CBICA wiki. To download this VPN, follow these instructions and use this guide to connect.

The other is Pulse Secure VPN, which is mainly used for connecting to the PMACS cluster. To download this VPN, follow this guide, followed by this one for logging in.

To reset your PennMedicine password for the VPN (which expires every half year), simply go to reset.uphs.upenn.edu, enter your username + last four digits of SSN. If this does not work, you may need to call UPHS service desk at 215-662-7474, and they will expire your password so that you can reset it manually. In addition, you may also try using passwd on a CUBIC login node to change the password.