Tutorial Template: Key elements of a tutorial wiki

##Author: Ted Satterthwiate

##Updated: 8/10/2020

Author: who made this tutorial?

Date: when was it made? Critical as may merit an update.

Replicator: which independent person reproduced the procedures and gave feedback re: clarity?

Goal: what is the point of this procedure? Please make this very accessible, but try to be brief.

Published examples: what papers have been published from the lab that have used this technique prior? 1-2 ok, no need to be comprehensive.

Input data: briefly describe the appropriate shape, class, and dimensionality of expected input data.

Code: code should be in a subfolder named identically to the title of the tutorial, and placed in https://github.com/PennLINC/PennLINC.github.io/tree/master/Tutorials. The tutorial wiki should have links to this code.

Path to example input data: every tutorial should have a small example dataset– no more than n=20. Ideally this is small enough that it can be placed alongside the code in the tutorial github above. If the data is too large on not shareable it should be placed in the tutorials directory on PMACS (add path).

Syntax: how do you call the command(s)? In what sequence? Should provide an example of calling the code using the example data.

Output: simple but comprehensive description of the output, again with examples from the example data. Output generally should not be stored in the tutorials folder. Users should test code in their home or project directory.