Current Studies in the Lab

Below is a list of the current studies in the lab:

Study TitleLead Name(s)Link
RewardTinashe Tapera, Margaret Gardner
GRMPYKristin Murtha, Diego Davila
cros-mapJacob Vogel
EFLia Brodrick, Kristin Murtha, Sophia Linguiti
Mobile PhenomicsLia Brodrick, Madeleine Seitz, Kahini Mehta, Kristin Murtha
ABCD ResourcesArielle Keller, Adam Pines

How to Add Your Study

If you’d like to add your study to this list, read on! Successful/complete documentation of your study requires two things:

  1. A Github Pages site, and
  2. An entry on this page

Github Pages Documentation

We use Github Pages to reproducibly document how we arrived at a scientific finding, usually for a paper or poster. A Github Pages site is a static website linked directly to a Github repository – for example, this website is a Github Pages site for the Github repository PennLINC/ The underlying code is markdown and is rendered (converted) automatically into a website by Github. You’ll want to create one of these sites for your project and its code repository. To learn how to do this, see this tutorial.

Study Page Entry

Lastly, you’ll need to add your study to the list below. To add a study to this list, please first read the documentation guide to familiarize yourself with the process of adding content to this website. When it comes time to add your study, simply add a Pull Request with your entry in the raw text of table:

| Study Title   |    Lead Name(s)    |               Link                |
| ------------- | ------------------ | --------------------------------- |
| Study 1       | Joe Bloggs         | [My study 1](   |
| Study 2       | Jane Doe           | [My study 2](    |

Simply add a new line, using the pipes | to delineate columns, and a newline to delineate rows — don’t forget to use correct markdown formatting for links: [title](url).

For additional information see the Project Setup Page.