CONCUR Reimbursement SOP

For all lab-related expenses that you wish to have reimbursed via the CONCUR system follow the documentation outlined below. If you have a PennKey then you are able to submit reimbursements. NOTE: You have 182 days to submit for reimbursement after a purchase is made.

Table of contents

  1. CONCUR Reimbursement SOP
    1. Prepping the Expenditure Justification reports
      1. Fill out Expenditure Form
      2. Approval from Business Administrator, John Hyon
    2. Submitting report via CONCUR
      1. Start Your Report
      2. Complete Report Header
      3. CONCUR Report Main Page
    3. CONCUR troubleshooting
    4. Assign a delegate
    5. Purchase Orders (PO)

Prepping the Expenditure Justification reports

For each expenditure you must first prepare the standardized Expenditure Justification report and previously approved justification report examples can be found XXXXX. You can copy and paste exact wording from previously approved documents.

Fill out Expenditure Form

Project Title: Fill in the name of the study the expense will be billed to

Principle Investigator: Dr. Theodore Satterthwaite

Project/Grant Number: Nickname for project/Sponsor

  • ACTTION Grant [400-4425-4-573869-xxxx-2810-3435]
  • BigDev (Reproducible Brain Chart) = 1R01 MH120482 [400-4425-4-573811-xxxx-2810-3435]
  • BPD Gift fund [400-4425-1-604076-xxxx-2000-3435]
  • Executive Function = NIMH - R01MH113550 [400-4425-4-574248-xxxx-2810-3435]
  • Ted’s SOM Account [400-4425-2-014001-xxxx-2000-3435]

Funding Source: See the above funding sources listed above in brackets for Ted’s current projects. You can always ask John Hyon if you are unsure of the funding source number.

Description of Expense: Brief description including how the expense was paid for and to which vendor. (ex. To reimburse Dr. Satterthwaite for monthly subscription to CircleCI vendor for data management)

Amount of Expense: Total amount requesting reimbursement, itemize if necessary.

Date of Expense: Date that the transaction occurred

Explanation or Cost Allocation and Justification of Expense: Fill out why the expense was necessary. See examples.

Signature: Obtain Ted’s signature and other necessary approvals (if not being reimbursed back to Ted)

Approval from Business Administrator, John Hyon

Send the prepared Expenditure Justification in word document form to John Hyon ( for approval.

Make sure to also send the receipt for all expenses. The receipt must include the confirmation of payment (not just the invoice), how the payment was made (typically last 4 digits of the card listed on receipt), each expense itemized, the total amount paid, and the date the payment was completed.

John may give you edits, but once the form has been approved you can convert the document to PDF to be uploaded to CONCUR.

Submitting report via CONCUR

Navigate to the CONCUR website, click on the “CONCUR” icon, and sign in with your PennKey

Start Your Report

  • Click “Start a Report” on the top right, which will take you to the Report Header page startareport

Complete Report Header

  • Type of Travel/Reimbursement: if expense involves travel, you will select either domestic, international, local (<50mi.); any other expense, you will select Non-Travel Expense
  • Country Code: Whatever country the expenses are from
  • Report Name: Create an informative report name
  • Business Justification: 1-2 sentences describing the report e.g., “Dr. Satterthwaite traveled to [city] to present data findings at [conference name]. See the expenditure justification report attached for all expenses.”
  • Trip Begin Date/Trip End Date: if it’s a travel report, include those dates
  • Click NEXT to continue reportheader

CONCUR Report Main Page

  • Select “New Expense” and select the category that best matches your expense
    • Note: each receipt must have it’s own expense entry, each item on the receipt must be itemized below it’s entry.
    • For Ex. If you are creating a report for a conference where you took a flight that had taxes and paid for conference registration, these would be two expenses under the same report. One expense will be “flight” which you will itemize for cost of flight and then taxes (see example below). The other expense will be listed as “conference fees” This can be tricky but Sharon Lui and Sophia Linguiti can be resources if you need help.
    • Note: Alcohol can never be reimbursed via University/Grant Funds and Taxes are not reimbursed. Can mark those items as “non-reimbursable” under the itemization
  • Enter the vendor, transaction date, city, total amount, and a business justification similar to that listed on the report header.
  • Click “attach receipt” on the bottom right where you will attach both the receipt for the expense and the expenditure justification form
  • Click SUBMIT when you are done

    • You will get a notification within a few days if the concur report has been approved or if it has been sent back with edits. examplereport

CONCUR troubleshooting

  • If a concur report is returned, you can find the business administrator’s feedback by you can click into the report where you see the listed expenses –> click “details” –> “comments” – this is where approvers will comment if they need additional information or documentation
    • comments
  • Helpful websites for filing for reimbursements at UPenn:
  • For further help contact:
    • Sophia Linguiti -
    • John Hyon (expenditure justification related) -
    • Sharon Lui (concur related) -
  • If you need help and would like another person to be able to view your concur, you can add them as a delegate following the instructions below

Assign a delegate

  • Click “Profile” on top right corner –> “Profile Settings” –> “Expense Delegates” –> “add” –> Search by email/name –> make sure to check all the boxes next to the new name (Can prepare, can view receipts, receives emails) –> Click “Save”

Purchase Orders (PO)

  • To order supplies that are within our Penn system, you need to complete a series of trainings. This will be for when Ted needs to order certain supplies that can be found in the Penn marketplace. You will be responsible for preparing the purchase order and putting into place for the next step of approvals.
  • You will need to complete the following trainings in KnowledgeLink:
    • BEN Buys - Requisitioner - FTD
    • Penn Marketplace Non-PO Payment Request for Preparers Curriculum
    • Penn Marketplace Non-PO Payment Request - Application Training for Approvers
    • Penn Marketplace Non-PO Payment Request - Application Training for Preparers