Seminars and Talks at Penn

There is a sometimes-belwidering array of relevant seminar series relevant to neuroscience, neuroimaging, psychiatry, and development.

We try to integrate these in a unified PennLINC google calender. This is currently (Fall 2020) maintained by Sydney Covitz, please contact her for access to this calendar if you a member of PennLINC. The calendar is also mirrored for public viewing on the frontpage (scroll to the bottom). Talks are announced daily on the #PennLINC_talks channel on slack.

Several of the main seminar series are listed below:


The Penn-CHOP Lifespan Brain Institute (led by section director Raquel Gur) runs a particularly relevant seminar series annually regarding brain development and psychopathology, as well as an annuall symposium.


The Mahoney Institute for the Neurosciences at Penn runs an extremely high-quality seminar series that broadly covers the neurosciences.


MindCORE is the inter-disciplinary program at Penn that integrates across the schools of arts and sciences (psychology, philosophy) and the school of medicine. It is led by close collaborator Joe Kable. Their speakers are top-notch. Pizza is also provided for in person sessions.


The center for biomedical image and computing and analytics is led by close collaborator Christos Davatzikos, and runs a engineering-focused seminar series that includes leaders in the field.

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

The Department of Psychiatry runs a weekly grand rounds series focused on clinical neuroscience and psychiatry. Lunch is provided.