Current Projects

These pages provide an overview of the current projects completed/close to completion in the lab.

To add a project to this list, please first read the documentation guide to familiarize yourself with the process of adding docs to this website. When it comes time to add your file, create a new markdown document in /docs/CurrentProjects/<YOURPROJECTNAME>.md. At the top of the file, insert a YAML header like the one below:

layout: default
title: MY PROJECT NAME # keep this short!!!
has_children: false
parent: Current Projects

A template of the content of the project page is below. Simply copy it into your markdown file and fill in the relevant fields. Each project should additionally have a GitHub Pages site — if you’ve never made a Github pages site, see the tutorial here.

For additional information see the Project Setup Page.

Project Title

Brief and informative title

Project Lead(s):

First author(s)

Brief Project Description:

One to three readable sentneces that desribe the goals of the project

Project Site:

Link to GitHub pages site