Just the Docs has some specific configuration parameters that can be defined in your Jekyll site’s _config.yml file.

Table of contents

  1. Search
  2. Aux links
  3. Heading anchor links
  4. Footer content
  5. Color scheme
  6. Google Analytics

View this site’s _config.yml file as an example.

# Set a path/url to a logo that will be displayed instead of the title
logo: "/assets/images/just-the-docs.png"
# Enable or disable the site search
# Supports true (default) or false
search_enabled: true

# Enable support for hyphenated search words:
search_tokenizer_separator: /[\s/]+/

# Aux links for the upper right navigation
  "Just the Docs on GitHub":
    - "//"
# Heading anchor links appear on hover over h1-h6 tags in page content
# allowing users to deep link to a particular heading on a page.
# Supports true (default) or false/nil
heading_anchors: true
# Footer content appears at the bottom of every page's main content
footer_content: "Copyright &copy; 2017-2019 Patrick Marsceill. Distributed by an <a href=\"\">MIT license.</a>"

Color scheme

# Color scheme currently only supports "dark" or nil (default)
color_scheme: "dark"

See Customization for more information.

Google Analytics

# Google Analytics Tracking (optional)
# e.g, UA-1234567-89
ga_tracking: UA-5555555-55